The Start of a Promise

Picking out the engagement ring together, while practical, was not very romantic. Walking out of the jewelery store with the ring didn't leave much doubt about "if?" (yes) or "when?" (likely soon) a proposal was coming. Still, Domingo knew how much of a romantic Sarah is, and how much she would cherish the memory of the proposal. Since the surprise would not be that he was proposing, he was determined to make it how he was purposing. Sprinkled throughout the month of September were a series of special events & surprises, each own having its own theme, highlighting a different part of her personality that he cherished. The idea was that he would pop the question during one of these outings, and Sarah wouldn't know which one. (Although she always suspected it would be the last one!)

Part 1 - Hopeless Romantic

Though she knew that Domingo was going to do something sweet for her soon, she wasn't expecting to come home to anything Friday, September 5th. Both still kept a schedule of working late, though Sarah was at an internship in the Silicon Valley. Typically they'd do a simple dinner in and watch a DVD, but Domingo had other plans that night. Two beautiful bouquets of lily flowers waiting for her on her kitchen counter. He choose the lily after her cat - Lily. To complete the evening they went out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. It turned out Lily got a special dinner too, and found the flowers quite tasty. Apparently she didn't like sharing the attention.

Part 2 - Creative and Fun

Sarah loves crafts, as you could probably guess by the number of do-it-yourself projects she's undertaken. So on September 12th, Domingo surprised Sarah with two tickets to the fall harvest crafts fair. To fit the fall harvest theme, he had a few boxes of leaf shaped dark chocolates. A girl could live off dark chocolate.

While Sarah was already head over heels for her second surprise, Domingo had one more trick up his sleeve. After they finished wandering through all the booths of the fair (and Sarah had a burning desire to visit Michael's), Domingo casually mentioned he had found a Bridal Expo not more than a few blocks away. All the girls at the expo couldn't get over the fact that he had not only agreed to go to a bridal fair, but had actually suggested it. At the fair, they shared a slice of the best chocolate and ganache cake they have ever eaten.

Part 3 - "A wish your heart makes"

After the first two surprises on Fridays, Sarah had an inkling that she would be getting another surprise on the 19th, but she had no idea what. Sarah has a personality that is a bit bubbly, and always happy. Domingo knew she loved Disney, and while she once joked about dragging him to Disney Princesses on Ice, he always wondered if some little part of her was serious. Thankfully, the princesses would not be near us any time soon. Instead he bought two tickets to Disney on Ice, which was much more enjoyable for both of them. Sarah's favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast and, sure enough, in the center of the table was a vase full of roses. In keeping with the Disney theme, he also had found the Disney Wedding soundtrack, and propped it against the flowers.

Part 4 - The fairy tale ending

Sarah wouldn't be much of a data miner if she hadn't found the pattern by now. Sure enough, for the final Friday in September, Domingo his final surprise ready: two tickets to the Renaissance Faire where we enjoyed jousting, jesters and old fashioned story tellers. Along with her gift, he gave her two keepsake stuffed dragons.

October 3rd, 2008

Sarah could hardly contain her self the following Friday. She knew it was the day. The ring had been long since purchased, and Domingo had let her hold on to it for safe keeping. He teased her constantly about not being able to actually propose without it. When, on Thursday evening prior, he said he needed it back, he removed all doubt. With her classes over for the week she waited (somewhat) patiently for Domingo to get off work so she could get her final "surprise".

Sure enough, when she arrived at his apartment that night she found two toasting flutes filled with sparkling apple cider and her ring waiting for her on the coffee table. Domingo knelt down and told her how happy she made him, and how he looked forward to their future together. He said before meeting her he never pictured himself married or settled down and now couldn't imagine anything else. Even though the whole day, the whole month prior, she knew he was going to ask, Sarah still had to fight back tears of joy. Domingo slipped the ring on her finger and kissed her forehead. Together, they toasted.